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Could you explain "the lost dress?" Thanks!


Explain, as it why it has that name? Or its style? 

"The Lost Dress" is merely a fan name on the dress that is placed behind the door in Christine’s dressing room. Obviously, the dress isn’t lost, since it’s right there. But it’s lost in the sense that it was probably what Christine was to wear when leaving the opera, but instead the Phantom took her to his underground lair before she got to change. So we never get to see Christine in this dress, and in effect the only personal dress we see her wear throughout the show is the blue Wishing dress. All other attires are costumes, dressing gown, or the wedding dress that was forced on her. 

It should be noted that in real life the dress behind the door is rather tiny in size and not something the average actress would fit. It’s main purpose is to prevent the door from twisting off its hinges when it flies open after Raoul’s return. Consider it an elaborate door stopper! But of course, it also underlines the feeling of a dressing room. 

Photos of the various dresses can be seen here:

As you can see, the original dress was a rather generic thing, looking like it could have been worn in the Don Juan Rehearsal scene. It had a fitted, high-necked bodice, and a fairly straight skirt with a fringed apron. Later versions has instead had a bodice with a “swiss corset” or “Swiss belt” worn over a stripy “blouse”. It’s more open in the neck. The skirt is also split, revealing a decorated front, and with small paniers over the hips.The colours varies wildly, from rust to green to burgundy to blue. Here’s how the dress looked in Copenhagen (top) and US tour (bottom): 

Fun side note 1: This is basically how the Czech non-replica dressing gown looks, only white. 

Fun side note 2: The skirt for the Las Vegas dress disappeared in the first year of the production. It was, for some reason, never replaced. Only the bodice was left. It truly WAS a “lost dress”!

Floating, falling

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I’m afraid the terrible movie this was connected to overshadowed the brilliance of this score.

But on its own it’s beautiful.


it’s been awhile buddy


it’s been awhile buddy


Seven different ALW!Phantom deformities: 

1. The replica version, as seen on Ramin Karimloo in the Royal Albert Hall concert. It was in West End style, but had less colouring on the cheek and chin, and a more prominent… brain? The main idea is to give the impression of a lifted/drawn back lip so it looks like a beast sneering. The wig is a nod to the disease Alopecia Areata. Other replica versions have less prominent “brain”, and often bolder colours. 

2. The Las Vegas replica version, as worn by Michael Lackey. If you look closely, you’ll see that the prosthetic pieces is more or less the same as the original. But it was much heavier coloured, to be seen from the very back of the auditorium in the large Phantom Theatre. 

3. The 2004 movie version, as worn by Gerard Butler. Kinda underwhelming, looks like a bad sunburn more than a deformity he was born with. Of course made for movie closeups, but still not very terrifying. Certainly not something you’d be put in a cage and be forced to live in the underground for. But at least it followed the idea of one side being damaged, one being good. 

4. The restaged tour non-replica deformity. The abandoned the idea of a “sneering beast”, and instead went for… melted cheese. 

5. The Hungarian non-replica deformity, as worn by Sandor (Alexander) Sasvári. They too went for the “sneering beast” lip and the cracked skull, but went for grittier colours, with yellow flesh with black patches. The eye socket on the bad side was also coloured all black, to give the impression of a skull. 

6. The Polish non-replica deformity, where it looks like the skin is heavily infected and falling off in patches. Rather cool as such, but I hate that we’re able to see it’s merely a plastic piece attached over the ear. It’s like a second mask. 

7. The Czech non-replica version. Full-fledged deformity, going from lip to the very back of the skull. Less “sneering beast” here, instead the disappearing jaw area and the “empty eye socket” is underlined to give the impression of a skull. Interestingly enough, they’ve kept the cracked skull and “brain” idea, as seen in the RAH concert. 



A collection of press photos from the upcoming non-replica Czech production, featuring Radim Schwab/Marian Vojtko as the Phantom, Monika Sommerová/Michaela Gemrotová as Christine and Bohus Matus as Raoul. 

Full cast list can be seen here

The PONR looks like PORN. :/


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Modern-day Erik hacking Amazon’s user database so that he can access Christine’s wishlist and send her anonymous gifts.

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She has added a bunch of absurdly expensive things to her wishlist,…


Corinne Schaefer played her 50th Carlotta show yesterday. Michelle van de Ven (u/s Christine) was on as well! ( X )